About Redland Green Choir

Who we are

Redland Green Choir is a welcoming, non-auditioning, community, mixed choir of eighty or so members, based in north Bristol who love singing.

We have a successful history, including a recording session with Karl Jenkins at Abbey Road Studios in London, singing at the Albert Hall, and appearances at Redland May Fair, Gathering Voices Bristol Festivals of Song, Upton Choir Festival and much more.

We perform two major public concerts per year, in July and December, featuring a wide range of musical genres, and our July concert runs in cooperation with the Long Ashton Orchestra. We have developed a reputation for our eclectic tastes and our broad repertoire.

We believe in supporting music in the local community, contribute regularly to a range of community events, and are always open to new ideas and working in partnership with others.

Singing with a large choir is one thing. But some of us like to sing in smaller groups and so far we have formed one more select group - the Redland Green Chamber Choir.

We are open to all ages and levels of experience and encourage potential newcomers.

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