10 years of Redland Green Choir

Some thoughts from members of the choir, photos and a list of our founder members

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  • It puts a smile on my face every week.
  • I really enjoy the variety of the repertoire; there is something for everyone.
  • Does wonders for my Parkinson’s and makes me stand up tall.
  • It’s wonderful that Nick pushes us and is never satisfied with anything less than excellence.
  • I always leave rehearsals happier than when I went in.
  • As one of the younger members of the choir, I can say that the energy and life of the choir cancels any age barriers.
  • The choir is the highlight of my week and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.
  • Two hours of the week of total absorption and the pleasure of learning new things.
  • Nick expects a lot and he gets it; we have improved a great deal.
  • I was told as a child not to sing, but having joined this unauditioned choir and to have to sing Beethoven’s Choral Symphony, I know that I am better than my headmaster said.
  • It’s great to be part of a group working together on creative projects.
  • However busy I’ve been at work, I always make the extra effort to get to choir as I know it will uplift me.
  • The choir is very welcoming and friendly and has good pub nights and parties.
  • We appreciate Jonny’s versatility, dexterity and unflappability while accompanying us.
  • Nick has a great sense of humour and a fund of anecdotes.
  • It’s the only time in the week when I really have to concentrate; it’s a bit like skiing – concentrate or you fall off.
  • The choir has extended my horizons, increased my aesthetic pleasures and made me appreciate music I wouldn’t normally listen to.
  • It’s one of the best things that have happened to me since moving to Bristol six years ago.
  • I felt a wand had been waved over me or even more, showered in fairy dust, when I found a non-auditioning choir that sings like the Brahms German Requiem that I thought I would never get a chance to sing.   Sometimes it's hard work but that makes the performances even more wonderful.
  • I joined the choir years ago for a bit of fun, but singing has now become important to me. It makes me feel better!  I love the challenge of learning new pieces and the amazing transformation that takes place as we get to grips with the music, from a stuttering start to creating something we can be proud of.

Roll of Honour 

Congratulations to the following 14 members who have been with the choir from the start:

Barbara Bews, Geoff Clements, Pauline Colman, Fiona Cooper, Ivor Harrison, Kate Hughes, Vivien Jones, Helen Mohan, Nicola O'Brien, Julie Osborn, Andree Osborne, Ros Syrett, Anne Reader, Tricia Thorpe


Beethoven’s 9th 2018

Performing Beethoven's 9th this summer with the Burnham and Highbridge Choir and Long Ashton Orchestra. It was hard work (especially in German) and for a long time I thought we were never going to do the piece justice, but we got there in the end. All the more special because it also meant so much to Nick.

Listening to the Brahms and Beethoven last July was very moving. I never believed the choir could be that good.



Verdi Requiem 2017

The Verdi was my highlight with Nick.

Katy Garden

My audience for the Verdi Requiem said that listening to the choral sections was like sitting in a waterfall of sound. 




The Albert Hall

Singing in Karl Jenkin's Gloria and Faure’s Requiem in the Albert Hall.

The choir's first trip to the Albert Hall to sing the Jenkins with Brian Kay conducting. I was just blown away by the sound we made, with 2500 voices - spine tingling.  My first - and totally unforgettable - experience of singing in a big chorus.

Our choir formed the largest contingent when we sang the Faure in the Albert Hall with The Really Big Chorus. It was a great occasion.

Taking part in a massed choirs’ performance of the Armed Man. I never thought I would get the opportunity to sing from the choir stalls at the Royal Albert Hall. I feel a warm glow every time I see it on the TV!


Helen Bilkey

Dancing round the room during warm-ups with Helen Bilkey and having lots of youngsters in the choir at the beginning.

download october 2009 572



Emma Trounson

Singing on the stage at St George’s in the Gathering Voices Festival with Emma was a great privilege.


Abbey Road Studiosrgccatabbeyroad02

How many people can say that they have recorded in Abbey Road, as we did in 2011 with the Karl Jenkins Gloria?




A highlight for me of singing in the choir was when we sang in the local choirs competition in St Alban's church in 2010 and won! It was such a great evening and we were all so proud of what we had achieved and the judges, comments were really positive.


Upton Festival 2015 and winning the Judges’ Cup


 1535838 orig intro
  Jonny receiving the cup
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